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i like linux/open source stuff, birds, music and animation

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finished Klonoa 2 Toggle visibility

aaaahhh, so good! basically echo what i said about the first but taken up 20 levels.

the difficulty definitely had a bit of bump with a few more fast paced jumps/throws, especially in the two bonus levels (which were fantastic) but it still remains an accessible game, especially since it really likes throwing lives at you and there's checkpoints aplenty, though i think that fits with its "never give up" theme :D

some of the puzzle also stumped me for a bit but they were fun to work out~

the surfboard level from the demo i replayed over and over forever ago is still great, and there's actually two more of them. the snowboarding one also has a fucking great song called "stepping wind" if you want to check it out.

all the music is lovely in both games but i definitely noticed more in this one for whatever reason.

🩡 adored them both 🩡
great remake collection, highly recommend!


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long post talking about klonoa, a platforming game Toggle visibility

wanted something chill after elden ring so i finally started the klonoa remakes that i bought at the same time.

back when i got my ps2 when i was like 8 (i think), it came with a disk full of demos, one of them was klonoa 2. i remember replaying it so many times, was just fun and klonoa was fucking adorable πŸ’– i never managed to get the full game but i *did* end up playing through the gba games that came out later and loved them too. was really excited when i seen the remakes announced.

the remake contains the first and second games and i just finished the first one. i haven't looked to see if there anything other than graphical upgrades done but it totally holds up!

the levels design is great, especially considering this originally came out in '97. the levels consist of interconnected rooms, as is pretty standard, but it shifts the perspective a lot, from simple foreground/background jumps to twisting the camera.

actual gameplay consists of a jump and a sort of floating jump, along with a magic ring that lets you pick up and throw enemies either for attacking, activating things or a super jump. there's a few puzzles spread throughout, which are basic enough but do the job.

music, sound and overall design are all excellent

and i can't stress enough how adorable everything is, even the sounds they make.

weird to play something after like 20 years but i'm really glad it still holds up, totally loved it.

probably start the second one tomorrow~

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#EldenRing video of me being silly Toggle visibility

sometimes I can't help but the taktaktak thing with a big sword in #EldenRing unexpected got yelled at though

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Just watched the Bob's Burger movie, was fantastic!

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GoToSocial certainly has a few quirks but that's to be expected, still finding it quite nice combined with Pinefore so far

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